About us

A software development company and a digital marketing agency based in Sri Lanka with an affiliation with Customer Systems International Australia. Infortronix (Pvt) Ltd. is mastered in quality, reliable & efficient Web site, Android, Iphone, standalone application development and digital marketing services for companies, businesses and individuals.

The business model @ Infortronix has helped us to provide great quality software solutions for reasonable costs.

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The Lounge Beauty & Hair

The Lounge
Beauty & Hair - Aus

Print a Cake

Insolite Lanka

Insolite Lanka

Check My

Marina Pasikuda Hotel

Marina Passikudah

Avro Travel

Avro Travel

LSR Travel

LSR Travel



Global Leisure Network Hotel

Global Leisure Network

The Brand Men & Women Cloth

The Brand
Men & Women Cloth

Lillies Wardrobe

Lillies Wardrobe

Rangiri Dambulla Resort

Rangiri Dambulla

Sri lanka T-Cup

Sri lanka

Family Crm - Aus

Family Crm - Aus

Isuzu Portal - Aus

Isuzu Portal - Aus

The Lounge Beauty & Brow

The Lounge
Beauty & Brow - Aus

Rai Star Corporation Ltd

Rai Star
Corporation Ltd - Japan

SKF Smart Supplier 4.0 Program

SKF Smart Supplier
4.0 Program - Aus

Caring Life - Aus

Custom System

Customer Systems - Aus

Applied Industrial Technologies

Applied Industrial
Technologies - Aus

Why choose us

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  • 01. Experienced developers

    Infortronix members are from the top IT colleges and software companies in the
    region and bring valuable real world experience to our team. Most members of our
    team hold a BS or MS in Computer Science from the top universities.

  • 02. Competitive pricing

    Outsourcing is becoming a commonplace method of cutting business expenses
    in the IT industry. By choosing Infortronix, our clients receive the benefits
    of much lower development costs without sacrificing quality.

  • 03. Fast delivery

    Because of the flexible nature of our workforce abroad, we are able to expand
    the size of our team to accommodate the demands of any project you may have while
    adhering to the strictest time deadlines.

  • 04. Innovative solutions

    We pride ourselves on our ability to “think outside the box”.
    Infortronix implements creative problem solving strategies
    to eliminate your IT dilemmas.

  • 05. Transparency

    You can trust us; we provide you with an independent
    code review (in the time and materials approach),
    so you can be sure of the quality of our software.

Our services

Our services to clients covers all most all aspects of IT related solutions including web sites, standalone

softwares and mobile solutions.

  • Web Development

    We design and develop taylor made high quality, responsive websites to suit you & your business needs

    App Development

    Our developers are willing to take challenges in mobile development and to produce high end,reliable mobile solutions of any platform such as Android, IOS and Windows.

    Website Maintain / Revamp

    We design and develop taylor made high quality, responsive websites to suit you & your business needs

    Software Development

    Team of developers are experts in designing and developing software solutions to accommodate your business or personal needs at reasonable costs.

    API Developments

    Whether it’s a client-facing API gateway, or interfaces for mobile applications, we understand how to design and build robust, secure, and highly performing APIs.

    Content Marketing

    Content is King! Our words will create a positive brand image leading to genuine interest and, ultimately, loyalty.

    Social Media Marketing

    Content is fire and social media is gasoline! We operate in all social media platforms.

    Search Engine Marketing

    We execute SEM campaigns which result in your brand featured among the top results of any search engine.

    Pay Per Click Marketing

    We will generate clicks to your website. Through this successful strategy, it will rapidly increase your brand relevance.

Contact us


  :   1/95 Loonagana Avenue,

  :   +6145 009 3329

Sri Lanka

  :   Infortronix (PVT) Ltd, No: 730
             Lake Road, Boralesgamuwa.

  :   +9476 836 8277